Bembridge Quarry

This small quarry, along the B3395 near Bembridge, yields sponges and fish remains. There are lots of clean faces and scree to look through, although fossils are not common.



♦ Access to Bembridge Quarry can be made by following the B3395 out of Bembridge. The Quarry is just after Longlands.
♦ Ref: 50.67350°N, 1.11835°W


FIND FREQUENCY: ♦ – There is a fairly low chance of finding fossils here.
CHILDREN: ♦ – Bembridge Quarry is not suitable for children or family trips.
ACCESS: ♦♦♦ – Access to Bembridge Quarry is along the B3395. It is easy to find.
TYPE: – This is a quarry location.


The White Chalk Subgroup here yields sponges, such as Porosphaera. Occasional fish remains can also be found. However, generally, this location is quite poor for fossils. They can be found either in the scree and boulders or in the cliff face. Most can be found by turning over boulders or from material that has naturally weathered. Fossils can also be found by splitting the boulders.



The Upper Chalk at Bembridge Quarry is from the Culver Chalk Formation and is a soft white chalk, relatively marl free, with flint seams. Flints are generally large and, in the upper part, tabular. The Culver Chalk Formation is of Campanian age.




Common sense when collecting at all locations should be used. We recommend that hard hats are worn at all times at this location.


You will need a hammer, safety glasses and chisels for this location, although fossils can also be picked by turning over boulders.


There are ‘NO’ restrictions to this location.

It is important to follow our ‘Code of Conduct’ when collecting fossils or visiting any site. Please also read our ‘Terms and Conditions


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