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South Wales has some of the best locations in the UK for fossil hunters. The south coast has the same formations as those on the Somerset coast, but with less competition from other collectors. The Jurassic and Triassic sites offer the chance to find ammonites, belemnites and brachiopods, as well as reptiles, and shark and fish remains. Llantwit Major is one of the best locations, where you can find giant gastropods. Penarth has the same famous Triassic Bone beds seen at Blue Anchor and Aust. In fact, in South Wales, the beaches are very family friendly, with plenty of fossils to be easily picked up.

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Southerndown is a Jurassic coastal location that closely resembles the classic Lias sites of Somerset. The early Blue Lias is mostly thickly bedded limestones, with thin shale bands. The limestones are full of bivalves, with occasional ammonites. They sometimes also yield reptile remains and fish. Jurassic, Cliffs and Foreshore, Rating: ♦♦♦♦

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Penarth is the most popular location in Wales for fossil collectors. This is down to both the site being very rich in fossils, together being a major built up area. This site can be over collected but you still should come home with some finds. Jurassic, Triassic, Cliffs and Foreshore, Rating: ♦♦♦♦

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The foreshore at Gileston is full of Jurassic Boulders. Many of these contain shells and ammonites. This is an ideal location for along who likes splitting rocks on the foreshore or families where children can also collect fossils too. Jurassic, Foreshore, Rating: ♦♦