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Where to find fossils? What is a fossil? and What to find? It doesn’t matter if your an experienced collector, or just starting out, our guides feature hundreds of fossil collecting locations in the UK, with geological guides, and advice. Fossils, rocks and minerals can easily be found with a little patience, we will show you how.

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Join us on our UKAFH Fossil Hunts

We also run events via UKAFH, the UK’s number one family fossil hunting society. Events are UK wide. We offer low cost UKAFH annual subscription, where you can join on any hunts. We also have a special family option, offering excellent value for money. Subscription members also receive our Rock and Fossil Magazine, Deposits, as a PDF download or can choose our printed version.

Found a fossil? Want some help to identify

We have a special forum with experts on hand. Simply upload your photos to our community board (Discuss Fossils) and they will help to confirm your finds. We also have a dedicated Facebook group Club @ UKAFH.

Beginners guides to fossil hunting

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