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Location When Summary Description
West Runton, Norfolk, UK December 4, 2016 UKAFH - West Runton Norfolk Hunt This is the location of the famous West Runton Elephant. In the West Runton freshwater beds, mammal, fish remains and freshwater shells all can be found. And in the chalk on the foreshore have echinoids and sponges are common.
Tinwell Village Hall near Stamford. December 14, 2016 The Stamford and Geological Society ( Dr Christopher Jeans) An evening with Dr Christopher Jeans talk title TBA. Christopher Jean’s Research Interests. Christopher Jeans is a self-supported consultant post-doctoral worker, and an affiliated member of the QPG. He is a research earth scientist specialising in the geology, petrology and geochemistry of sedimentary rocks and soils with extensive experience in their application to the needs…
Tinwell Village Hall, near Stamford January 11, 2017 The Stamford and District Geological Society. (Plesiosaurs) Richard Forrest a Vertebrate palaeontologist, specialising in plesiosaurs and other marine reptiles. Will host a talk titled : PSYCHO KNIVES AND WITHERS WEDGES—EXCAVATING A PLESIOSAUR This event is free to members of The Stamford and District Geological Society. And for visitors a charge of £3 please. You can also apply for membership on the night.…
Whitehaven, Cumbria January 22, 2017 UKAFH Whitehaven, Cumbria The foreshore and cliffs at Whitehaven are famed for their Carboniferous plant remains. Many of the plant fossils that can be obtained here are of exceptional preservation and whilst the section in the cliff provides good collecting opportunities, the section of foreshore beneath exposes beds of Bolsovian age (311.7-306.5 Mya, formerly Westphalian C)
Tinwell Village Hall near Stamford February 8, 2017 Stamford and District Geological Society. An evenings talk by Colin Prosser on The History of Geological Conversation. Full details to follow. The event is free to members of The Stamford and District Geological Society and for visitors a charge of £3 please. You can also apply for the membership on the night. Link:
Black ven, Lyme Regis February 12, 2017 UKAFH Black ven, Lyme Regis
Tinwell Village Hall near Stamford March 8, 2017 Stamford and District Geological Society An evening talk by Professor Jenny Clack, Emeritus Professor and Curator of Vertebrae Palaeontology at Museum of Zoology at Cambridge University specialising in the evolution of early tetrapods. Tetrapod World early evolution and diversity, or TWeed for short, is a new scientific research project studying fossils and environments from the Early Carboniferous period. The TWeed…
Aust/Portishead Gloucestershire March 11, 2017 – March 12, 2017 UKAFH Aust/Portishead, Gloucestershire
Ketton Quarry, Lincolnshire March 17, 2017 UKAFH Ketton Quarry *EXCLUSIVE*
Overstrand, Cromer NR27, UK April 9, 2017 UKAFH Overstrand
Penarth, UK April 23, 2017 UKAFH Penarth
West Quarry/National stone center, Derbyshire May 7, 2017 UKAFH West Quarry, Derbyshire
Herne Bay, UK May 21, 2017 UKAFH Herne Bay
Pett Level, East Sussex, United Kingdom June 4, 2017 UKAFH Pett level, East Sussex
Hooken Cliff, Devon June 25, 2017 UKAFH Hooken Cliff One of the best location in Devon for finding fossils, in particular, echinoids, ammonites, fish and brachiopods. You just never know what you may find. They can be found in the Middle and Lower Chalk, and in the Upper Greensand. The site is between 90 and 96 million years old. Suitable for older children.
Caistor St Edmund chalk Quarry, Norfolk July 1, 2017 UKAFH Caistor St Edmund chalk Quarry This quarry is particularly good for fish remains, which can be found in the lower beds. Echinoids, brachiopods and bivalves are also common here, along with sponges from the flint spoil heaps. 25 spaces available. Older children 12 years and up.
Ringstead Bay, Dorset July 9, 2017 UKAFH Ringstead Bay
Pode Hole Quarry, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire July 15, 2017 UKAFH Pode Hole Quarry One of the best locations in the UK to find Ice aged mammal fossils, from Woolly Mammoth to Woolly Rhino. As well as amazing Ice aged fossils, Jurassic Oxford Clay fossils can be found too, ranging from belemnites to marine reptiles. ADULTS and GOLD members only.
Clithroe (Salthill quarry) Lancashire July 16, 2017 UKAFH Clithroe (Salthill quarry) This is marine Carboniferious site full of Crinoids and as well rarer Blastoids. Suitable for older children. Click to book either of these fossil hunts
Upper Gilwern Quarry, Wales July 29, 2017 UKAFH *Exclusive* Upper Gilwern Quarry
Wrens nest, Warwickshire August 6, 2017 UKAFH Wrens nest
Yaxley, Peterborough PE7, UK August 13, 2017 UKAFH Yaxley
Ramsholt, Woodbridge IP12, UK September 2, 2017 UKAFH Ramsholt
Seatown, Dorset September 10, 2017 UKAFH Seatown
Seaford, Sussex October 1, 2017 UKAFH Seaford
Folkestone, UK October 14, 2017 – October 15, 2017 UKAFH Folkstone
Warden Point, Isle of Sheppey, Kent November 12, 2017 UKAFH Warden Point
Staithes, North Yorkshire December 10, 2017 UKAFH Staithes
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