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Cambridgeshire has some excellent Jurassic sites, with historically the most famous area around Peterborough. Here, the Oxford Clay has yielded several complete skeletons of marine reptiles over the years. In fact, reptile bones are very common, as are crinoids and ammonites. However, most of the old quarries in Peterborough are sadly now being swamped by the massive town expansion programme, but there are still two you can still visit.

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Yaxley (Hampton Vale)

Most of the old clay pits have been swallowed up by the building of huge housing estates to the south of Peterborough. However, one area at Yaxley has been left as a nature area, with public byways taking you around the rim of the pits, which are now filled with water. On the banks, the Oxford Clay is rich in fossils. Jurassic, Lake Embankment, Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦