High Fell Quarry

Not is not a location for fossil hunting, but a wide range of minerals can be found from the Duddon Hall Tuff Formation in the Borrowdale Volcanic Group. Most of the disused quarries here are now filled with spoil, but are still productive.


♦ From the A593 northeast of Coniston, follow the narrow road out of town towards High Tilberthwaite until it turns into a dirt track with two car parks in the small village. One of these has a large scree slope at the back.
♦  Park here and follow the track, which will turn into a dirt track. Follow this through the wooded area and you will see the quarry.
♦ Ref: 54.40979°N, 3.07159°W


FIND FREQUENCY: ♦♦♦ – There are plenty of minerals to be found, but this is not a location for finding fossils.
CHILDREN: ♦ – The scree slopes can be slippery and dangerous, and it is also a long walk. Therefore, this location is not suitable for children.
ACCESS: ♦♦♦ – High Fell is fairly easy to find, but it is quite a walk from the car park.
TYPE: – High Fell is a disused quarry and most of the minerals are found on the scree slopes by the side of the quarry. A public footpath goes right through two massive piles of scree, which is ideal.


The Borrowdale Volcanic Group yields a variety of minerals. Most of these can be found on the scree slopes, which is the best place to look. Most of the rocks on the surface have been picked through, but if you move rocks and look on the underside, you should find some good examples to collect.


High Fell yields a variety of minerals from the Duddon Hall Tuff Formation of the Borrowdale Volcanic Group. These represent the latest stages of the mid-Ordovician volcanism in the Lake District. These represent the latest stages of the mid-Ordovician volcanism in the Lake District (Caradoc Series).

High Fell Quarry



Many of the slates exposed on the spoil heap at High Fell Quarry are slippery. Therefore, extreme care must be taken at all times.


Most of the minerals at High Fell Quarry can be collected simply by picking through the scree slopes. All you need is a good eye, but a pick and eye protection come in handy to split rocks for taking back home.


There are ‘NO’ restrictions to this location.

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