This location is mostly suited to children, with plenty of rolled fossils and fragments to be found in a safe environment. Fossils can simply be picked up along a shingle bank. And the location is close to toilets, food and drink, and excellent parking.


♦ The location is near Millclose Howles. This is between Redcar and Marske-by-the-Sea, but before the Red Howles sewage pipe.
♦ At this point, the coastal road moves away from the coast slightly, allowing for a grassed area. There is a small cafe located on this.
♦ You can park near to the cafe and closer to town, but, after the roundabout, the parking is free.
♦ You can start finding fossils immediately. Walk east, away from Redcar toward Marske-by-the-Sea.
♦ Ref: 54.57150°N, 0.89612°W


FIND FREQUENCY: ♦♦♦ – You are sure to find plenty of fossils, although most will be either rolled by the sea or consist of fragments. The beach is full of them, as they have been washed from the cliffs south of Redcar. Although the fossils are not that great for the enthusiast, for beginners and children, this is a great location.
CHILDREN: ♦♦♦♦♦ – What could be easier than walking along a shingle bank and finding many fossils in a safe environment? This location is certainly one more suited to children, being close to a town and food, drink and toilets.
ACCESS: ♦♦♦♦♦ – The location is easy to find, just along the coastal road with an excellent car park. It is near to a cafe and you can start finding fossils straight away.
TYPE: – The fossils here have been washed out of a large shingle bank running along the coast. These have come from the Jurassic cliffs to the south and you never know what you might find. This also means that you can find the same fossils as found along the Yorkshire coastline, but without the dangers of tides and cliff falls.


This is a location that is mainly for beginners and children. Don’t expect to find fantastic fossils, but you should find plenty of rolled and fragmented fossils. These of course are fantastic for children and beginners, and are really easy to find. You should also find complete bivalves simple lying in the shingle, waiting to be picked up. It makes an ideal day out and it is amazing how much it will occupy the kids – before you know it, the day will be gone.

What makes this location special is that it is a safe environment for children. You can park really close by and walk along the beach picking up fragments of ammonites, bivalves and other fossils normally found along the famous Yorkshire coastline, but without the dangers of cliff falls, the sea and strong tidal conditions.



Because the fossils and pebbles have been washed from other locations, in particular, Yorkshire, it is impossible to give their exact dates. However, they are Jurassic in age and roughly 200myrs old.



Common sense when collecting at all locations should be used and knowledge of tide times is essential. This is generally a safe area to collect, because there are no cliffs and you can easily leave the beach at any time.


Fossils can simply be found lying on the shingle beach, so you don’t need any tools. However, a specimen bag or box will come in useful in getting your finds home.


There are no restrictions at this location. You are free to collect fossils, but be aware that further north at Redcar Rocks, this is a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) and restrictions means that no hammering is allowed.

It is important to follow our ‘Code of Conduct’ when collecting fossils or visiting any site. Please also read our ‘Terms and Conditions


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