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Kent has some of the best sites in the UK for fossils. The Isle of Sheppey is the best location in the UK for the Eocene London Clay, with sharks’ teeth, lobsters, turtles, fish, plants and crabs all to be found. Folkestone is the best location for Gault Clay fossils, with ammonites being very common; and Kent is also a very popular location for chalk fossils. The chalk cliffs of Dover are world famous. Echinoids are very common and some of the finest are found here in Kent. Overall, you could say that Kent has a fantastic mix of geology, with very productive sites.

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When beach conditions are favourable, Tankerton can be a very productive site. Rich in fish, lobsters, crabs, gastropods, bivalves and sharks’ teeth, a diverse range of species can be found here. London Clay is exposed on the foreshore, mostly in patches, but, during scouring conditions, more extensively. Eocene, Foreshore, Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦